We are looking for writers and artists who want to be part of our publishing platform and desire to share their unique perspectives on topics like culture, art, politics, and innovation.

Young Visions collects stories with the mission to support creative processes and raise public awareness of the significance of art in today’s world. We see art as a borderless and universal language that holds the ability to address matters of crucial significance and disrupt the current state of affairs. Here is what you have to know before you become a contributor!

✺ Who can take part in our publishing platform?

Young Visions welcomes everybody who is interested in taking part in our digital platform. Artist, writer, poet, or historian we take any proposal or suggestion you might have that can add to our platform. You are in the right place if you are passionate about creative processes and how they shape our perception if you are inquisitive about cultures and if you are enthusiastic about the art world!

✺ What topics are relevant to our digital platform?

Whether you wish to describe how your artistic practice can be of value to the world or a specific topic that is related to arts, politics, culture, and innovation, we are curious to hear what you have to say! Our latest articles have covered topics like unlearning, consciousness, data democratization, racism, and war. Don’t hesitate to reach out with a proposal at youngvisions.art@gmail.com.

✺ How can one take part in our publishing platform?

For any inquiries, proposals, or questions, contact us by clicking the button below or simply DM us on our Instagram account here. Because we are a small team, our response might take a few days. If you don’t hear from us back, please send us a reminder! We are thrilled to hear from you!

✺ What are your advantages of being a contributor to Young Visions?

By engaging with us you can benefit from different advantages for yourself and for the community likewise. Firstly, you affirm yourself as an artist and have the chance to be showcased to a worldwide network of creative-minded people. Secondly, you get the chance to train and find support for your writing skills, which is always a big advantage, no matter the path in life. And lastly, you get to connect with the Young Visions Team and confront yourself with like-minded people. Community is our focus, and individuals like you are the key to it.


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