✴ Why

Arts and culture are not considered essential practices for building a better tomorrow. And we know that being an artist is pretty tough sometimes. We want to show another perspective. One that proves that the arts are at the core of society and a universal human need. All while helping support artists in their practice by listening, writing, and sharing. To be an artist one ought to be brave. It takes gut and it takes heart. We regard your courage.


We collect stories of blossoming emerging artists. These stories are truths we want to share, missions we want to support, and visions we want to tell. From artists to writers, off-spaces, galleries, musicians, and poets, we welcome anyone who is eager to be part of the community.

✽ How

We combine digital content and physical events with supporting, protecting, and collecting culture worldwide. We invite our community to share their experience or their difficulties and find ways to address them. We ask questions and give space to marginalized voices and diverse prospectives. We envision being a leading community for artists worldwide, supporting culture and visions for a more creative tomorrow.

The team


Founding Editor | Digital publications & media

“I want to unite people and stories to support the arts and question the world for a better tomorrow. To be an artist one ought to be brave. Here, we regard that courage.”


Board Member | Physical events & media

“I believe art is hope –and who are we but seekers for a better tomorrow? I want to connect, create, and realize visions while making them accessible for anyone.”


Board Member | Physical events & relations

“By bringing young artists and their visions together, I want to promote innovation, exploration, and discovery, which are at the core of the artistic journey. Art is alive, and here we are: young and with visions!”

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